Diurnale Romanum



Diurnale Romanum (Breviarium Romanum)
For the traditional (1962) Roman Breviary

The Diurnale (pronounced dee-oor-nah-leh) is a single volume edition of the Breviarium Romanum containing all of the canonical hours of the day except Matins (hence the nickname). This compact arrangement makes it a convenient daily companion for clergy and laity alike.

In addition to those sections pertinent to the Breviary, there are sections in the back that contain various devotions such as litanies, and even excerpts from the Rituale Romanum that a priest may need, such as prayers over a dying person.

This 1961 printing (for the 1962 edition of the traditional Roman Breviary) contains the Latin (only) Vulgate Psalter, with the psalms printed in a single column format in black and red, easy to read text throughout.

Also featured are four multi-colored midi-braid ribbons, quality cream bible-style paper, rounded corners, red edged pages, sewn binding, and a black cloth hardcover with gold embossing. Convenient 7″ x 4″ (1″ thick) size. A high-quality reproduction that will give years of prayerful use!

We have also included with each Diurnale a 16-page, black and red, USA Breviary Propers supplement, containing the feasts proper to the United States per the 1962 calendar.

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