Perennial Wisdom For Daily Life – The Complete Collection




The Complete Collection 1996-2019

A Collection of Philosophical Articles by D.Q. McInerny, Ph.D.

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Wisdom is not synonymous with intelligence. Although we would like to think that every intelligent person is wise, this can often be far from the truth. A child that knows right from wrong, good from bad, and who believes his catechism, can be far wiser than the most highly degreed professor, and that is because wisdom looks to evaluate life from the standpoint of eternity. What good does it do if we have the intelligence to put a man on the moon but lose God in the process? Our Lord Himself said it: For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul? (Matt. 16:26)

It is precisely this question that Dennis Q. McInerny, Ph.D. tackled for over 22 years in his monthly articles that appeared in the newsletter of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. These articles are mere snippets of the treasure trove of wisdom he imparted to our seminarians during his long tenure as professor of philosophy at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. In just a few paragraphs, this faithful servant of the Church and loyal student of St. Thomas Aquinas challenges the reader with clear and precise observations on a wide variety of topics, considering each in the light of faith and the timeless wisdom of St. Thomas. The logical and practical conclusions he draws provide food for reflection that leave the thoughtful reader satisfied in possession of solid wisdom that serves to secure the possession of his soul.

We are deeply grateful to Dr. McInerny for his contribution over these years, whose faithful example in using his intelligence to strive for what is most important in life—salvation—proves the wisdom in keeping one’s eyes always focused upon truth, eternity, and possession of God, and the wisdom also in directing others to do the same.

— Fr. Gerard Saguto, F.S.S.P.

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