Catena Aurea – Commentary on the Four Gospels



Catena Aurea (The Golden Chain)

Reprint of original 1842 English ed. St. Thomas Aquinas English translation edited by John Henry Newman

St. Thomas Aquinas’ incredible commentary on the books of the Gospel is now available again in an elegant hardcover set. Compiling the works of the Early Church Fathers (over 80 are featured!), the Angelic Doctor presents a comprehensive and erudite exegesis of the Scriptural books that specifically recount the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The English translation of the original Latin text contained in this set is especially noteworthy as it was edited by JOHN HENRY NEWMAN (1801-1890), who was canonized in October, 2019.

The work of several years, though first published in 1842, this accurate translation has stood the test of time and is still cherished by serious students of the Holy Gospels. In fact Newman co-wrote in one of the Catena’s introductions that while previous ecclesiastical writers had also compiled such Patristic texts, nevertheless “…they [the earlier compositions] are very inferior to the Catena Aurea…”

Originally published as an 8-volume set, this reprinted edition from Preserving Christian Publications has been bound into 4 volumes allowing the production of an elegant hardcover set, but for an economical sales price! Each volume features original-quality text reprinted on fine, natural-colored paper, sewn-binding, handsomely hardbound in an antique-style khaki rattan Kidskin with red embossing on the covers and spines, and a red marking ribbon.

2840 pages in 4 volumes, 9″ x 5¾” (spine thickness differs per volume).

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