Missae Defunctorum Boxed Set



Produced in Germany!

Having a Requiem Mass Missal is quite helpful rather than using the Missale Romanum 1962. Because of the reduced number of texts needed, i.e. propers, readings and prayers, everything you need is close at hand. The Order of the Requiem Mass is different than that of a regular Mass making a dedicated book much easier to follow. Finally, the lighter and thinner book is easier to handle during the absolution at the coffin or catafalque.

We present to you a new Requiem Missal [“Missae Defunctorum”] with the rubrics of 1962, printed on fine ivory-colored paper, put very clearly in a comfortable font size. The three bands of black satin ribbons are bounded at both ends in leather. The high quality of this book is evident binding, the tabs, which are made of leather, and the gilt-edged pages. The hardcover is black leather and measures approximately 9 ¼”x 12 ¼” with gold stamping. Included with your Missale Defunctorum 1962, are the matching Requiem Mass cards, mounted on hard cardboard with a black back. These are included because some prayers are different from the usual Mass.

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