Lectionarium 1962: Epistolae et Evangelia



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Although several editions of the Missale Romanum were published in the early 1960s, an updated edition of the Lectionarium has not been published until now!

The Lectionarium: Epistolae et Evangelia, is the first and currently only version available according to the liturgical texts of 1962. Often referred to as the “Evangelium”, this official liturgical book of the Roman Catholic Church contains the Epistles and Gospels for the entire year, both the ‘Sunday’ and the ‘Sanctoral Cycle’. This book is used for these readings at a Solemn Masses, when a deacon or subdeacon, chants the readings, or a Missa Cantata when a minister does so. For the Triduum it contains the Exsultet with chant notation and the other readings. In all these cases, it is fitting to have this second liturgical book for the sanctuary in addition to the Missale Romanum (1962).

For such a noble use, the Lectionarium:Epistolae et Evangelia, therefore, has been meticulously crafted according to the traditions of the production of liturgical books past. The highest craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident beginning with the choosing of a font wholly adequate for the holy text, a font instantly recognizable by the viewer as uniquely and naturally designed for the transmission of the sacred. Besides the font, the outstanding achievement of this edition of the Lectionarium is its typesetting. The beauty of typesetting consists mainly in its evenness and regularity. These are assured not only by consistent spacing, the refinement, ideally, to only one font size on each double page, and numerous other considerations, but principally by the consistent filling of each individual line. The typesetting of a liturgical book, traditionally in two columns, is an extreme challenge for the typesetter, evidently mastered in this edition.

The rich red textured leather cover has been produced to house the sacred word. The same leather used in the production of the covers has been used on the inner hinge, which often is a point of weakness in modern liturgical books. This technique will ensure a very stable and long-lasting binding.

The Lectionarium has been approved for use according to the Missale Romanum (1962) and was granted the ‘Imprimatur’ by his Excellency Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke, O.S.B. in 2009.

Beautiful red leather cover with 2 highest quality ribbon markers.


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