How St. John Bosco Punished


Punishing a child is a serious affair! It is the most delicate responsibility of all!

How should we go about inflicting a punishment? What moment should we pick? What tone should we adopt? What kind of punishment should we prefer? How should we measure it out?

These are the main questions raised by this right which often imposes itself as a duty.

What teacher, what leader, what father or mother, what educator has not asked themselves these questions and tried to answer them?

One day, a saint had the courage to meditate on this essential chapter of every educational method. The answer he gave us was his forty-five years’ experience.

Who was this saint? His name was Don Bosco.

Father Augustin Auffray, himself a Salesian and author of the most comprehensive biography of Saint John Bosco, gives a very succinct and very simple presentation of Don Bosco’s method of punishment, the method of a Saint.

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