The Pope’s Exorcist



In times of escalating evil, exorcists find themselves in greater demand. Here is a never-before-published collection of questions and answers that takes you beyond Hollywood hyperbole and deep into Fr. Amorth’s real-life private world, giving you a harrowing vision of his daily battles with the devil and a fascinating glimpse into his sacred ministry.

The editors at Sophia Institute Press—publisher of three best-selling books by Fr. Amorth—separate the fantasy from the facts surrounding what really occurs in exorcisms. They share examples of demonic obsession and possession from Fr. Amorth’s experience. The editors also lay out the alarming cause of most cases of possession (you will never guess the origin!), what exorcism really is, how it is performed, and its biblical history.

These absorbing pages reveal:

  • Father’s intense daily schedule and the astounding number of exorcisms he performed
  • Secrets of Fr. Amorth’s mystical life, including his supernatural visions
  • The saint who was Fr. Amorth’s spiritual director and another saint who is known for his effectiveness against demons
  • Straightforward answers to common questions on the devil and demons
  • Who the first exorcist was and thrilling stories about saints who performed exorcisms
  • What the room where the exorcisms took place looked like and the “tools” used during exorcisms

You will get the answers to questions such as: Do demons really spit nails and perform other supernatural acts? Why did God make the devil and Hell? What do Catholics believe about spells and magic? Are Reiki, yoga, and transcendental meditation things you should avoid? What about rock music and Harry Potter? In addition, you will read about the most common “gateway” sins that lead to demonic activity and will glean ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil and its many influences . This handy book also includes prayers of liberation and advice to follow when you are experiencing spiritual warfare yourself.

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