Sick Call Set in Leather Case



An absolute essential in every Catholic household!

This sick call set contains all the necessary items needed for when a loved one is unable to go to Mass and the priest comes to give them Holy Communion or even the Last Sacraments.

The box-set contain:

– A glass 25 ml bottle for you to fill up with holy water

– Two candle holders, specially wood turned for this set to fit the candles.

– Two votive candles (10 cm in height)

– A white cloth with embroidered cross (corporal) (40 x 40 cm)

– A St Benedict crucifix

– Instructions on how to set things up before the priest comes.

– The ritual (in Latin and English) for the traditional rite.

This set is easy to keep on your bookcase to have it at hand for when ever it is needed.

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