In Heaven We Know Our Own



Perhaps the story and details behind In Heaven We Know Our Own are as fascinating as its content. The book is really a series of letters written to a young Catholic mother whose child had just recently died. Though seriously ill himself, the author, Fr. Blot S.J. wrote from his sickbed to console this poor woman in her heartbroken grief.

Because of whom he was writing for, Fr. Blot S.J. focused on the accidental or secondary beatitude of Heaven. He explained to her (and to us) how the family will be united again and how Our Lord may sometimes let sorrow come upon us for unknown reasons. It is truly a comforting and uplifting work.

“What is secondary beatitude?” you might ask. As the author goes on to describe, secondary beatitude is all the “extra” joys of Heaven. Families are reunited, good friends see each other, and all earthly sacrifice or suffering is amply rewarded. Drawing from our rich heritage of Catholic Teaching and Tradition, Fr. Blot S.J. quotes Scripture, St. Thomas, St. Robert Bellarmine, and Dante to tell us what Heaven will be like.

Though written many years ago, this book is fresh and powerful, just as when the sorrowing mother first read it in 1863. Fr. Blot wrote a true “classic.” His observations on the shortness of life, the folly of sin, and the importance of getting to Heaven will never go out of date. Readers young and old will benefit for many years to come as they read about all the different joys that are given to the elect.

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