Defenders of Christendom



Defenders of Christendom


If you want to be strong and of good courage, be sure that you care less about death than about shame.

-Geoffroi de Charny

Battles – Honor – Miracles!

This book is filled with amazing stories of little-known Catholic heroes presenting spectacles of bravery and valor never exceeded in all the annals of history. Demonstrating his gallantry through daring feats of arms, the knight’s faith, coupled with his marvelous courage, made him nearly invincible on the field of battle. Built around a stirring chronicle of the Knights of St. John, these inspiring accounts bring to life Catholic heroes who fought with courage, chivalry, and an unwavering trust in God to protect their neighbor, their country, and their Faith.

“You must in no way indulge in too great fondness for pampering your body, for love of that is the worst kind of love there is. But instead direct your love toward the preservation of your soul and your honor, which last longer than does the body.”

– Geoffroi de Charny, a 14th century knight and author of The Book of Chivalry

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