The Our Father in Gethsemane



Originally published in 1935, this volume offers a variety of spiritual counsels and reflections, arranged on a framework of the phrases of the Our Father. It gives special attention to the sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion.

A wide-ranging treatment, the book touches on the topics of sin, divine love, suffering, justice, forgiveness, and many more, concluding each topic with an original prayer. Plus, it is embellished with a generous selection of pious verses and traditional Catholic prayers. Also included here is Cardinal Newman’s powerful meditation on the “Mental Sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion,” as well as a paraphrase of the Our Father by St. Francis of Assisi and another paraphrase from the Divine Comedy of Dante.

The Our Father in Gethsemane is a book that can be picked up and read on any page to provide a spirit of devotion in daily life, especially in this Lenten season.

Softcover, 138 pp.

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