The Liturgical Altar



By Geoffrey Webb

“For very many this book of Mr. Geoffrey Webb’s will be a Godsend.”
So penned Fr. Bede Jarrett, OP in the foreword of this invaluable title.

This brief, but comprehensive work presents a supernatural approach to understanding the center of Catholic life, the altar.

Considered by some to be the bible on the subject of the altar, this book covers its historical development, form, symbolism, and vesting, as well as it’s appurtenances, such as the cross, candles, use of flowers and reliquaries.

Continuing the words of Fr. Jarrett:

“It presents to us in its unending formulas the ritual of Redemption. It does not aim at imposing the dead hand of antiquarianism on the adornment of the altar. It deals with the decrees of the Congregation that are in force, some directive, some perceptive, but only such as are of value today.”

This book is also an inestimable resource from a practical aspect, in so far as it demonstrates how to construct a proper altar that conforms to the Church’s prescriptions and ideals without exhausting the parish coffers.

Please do not think that to carry out what is here recorded and to accomplish it will necessarily be expensive. All that is written here can be done without much cost.

Mr. Webb’s magnificently composed text is complimented with pictorial examples of altars and line drawings that demonstrate how to implement what he outlines.

A timeless classic, this book will be of great general interest to any Catholic, lay or cleric, particularly church architects, liturgical artists, sacristans, those involved in liturgical functions, altar and rosary sodalities, florists, altar vesture manufactures, as well as religion teachers for all ages.

Softcover, 120 pp.

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