Essentials Kit Special


Contains the items which are absolutely essential for the priest to study and thoroughly learn the Extraordinary Form:

The Celebration of Mass, A Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Missal:
A comprehensive study of the rubrics of the 1962 Missal by the Rev. J. B. O’Connell, explaining in precise details the laws, principles, gestures, and ceremonies of Low, Sung, and Solemn Mass. 622 pp.

Learning the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Latin Rite: A Guide for Priests and Seminarians:
A brief and concise practical handbook giving step-by-step instructions in how to offer the Mass according to the rubrics of the 1962 Missale Romanum, by Rev. Walter J. Schmitz, S.S., S.T.D.

The Prayers of the Holy Mass Recited and Sung:
A set of two audio CDs containing the full texts of the Mass recited as well as the parts of the Mass which the celebrant must sing during Sung/Solemn Mass. An excellent reference tool for learning the proper pronunciation and memorization of the Latin prayers

Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal:
English translations of the General Rubrics of the Roman Missal(Rubricae Generales), The Rite to be Observed in the Celebration of the Mass (Ritus Servandus), and On Defects when they Occur in the Celebration of Mass (De Defectibus).

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