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The primary intent of this card is for training purposes (i.e., off the altar, as the server is presumed to have his responses memorized), so its size has been substantially expanded to accommodate the additional explanatory texts that do not exist on the original Benziger edition. Nevertheless, recognizing that often such a card is needed at the altar, the layout was carefully arranged to provide it with a compact size when folded, while a lightweight, but thick paper stock was utilized to keep it stiff when being held.

The front of the card contains the Latin responses with their corresponding English phonetic renderings. An improvement made in this area was in conforming all of these phonetic renderings according to the Roman Church’s method of pronouncing liturgical Latin more romano, thereby correcting various Anglocizations that frequently existed in previous versions of response cards. The phonetic renderings were also aligned under each word, rather than strung out from column end to column end, which helps the reader to better visualize how each syllable is to be pronounced. Also the various rubrical instructions for the liturgical gestures and reverences made in connection with the various responses were expanded and the responses made when serving for a Bishop were added. To utilize the front side, simply start at side 1, then flip the card over to side 2, open the card once to read side 3, then side 4.

On the card’s back (accessed by opening the card completely) are found some helpful explanations and basic rules on more romano pronunciation and responding, a list of common pronunciation mistakes made by English-speakers, and even footnotes providing pertinent authoritative citations.

The newly-typeset card has been printed in red and black and easy-to-read text throughout, while a clear matte varnish was applied to the finished card to increase the anti-glare property of the matte paper stock and to protect the card from moisture and frequent use. Folded size 4 1/4″ x 11″.

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