Religion in Life Curriculum: Third Grade



Teachers Plan book and Manual

Developed in the 1930s by the Marquette Institute of Catechetical Research, the Religion in Life Curriculum is more than just a Teacher’s Manual for use with its accompanying textbook series, The Highway to Heaven.  It lays out an entire Religion Curriculum that includes music, art, reading and classroom activities.

This Third Grade Teachers Plan Book and Manual includes presentation and development material for the lessons contained in the Third Grade text, The Life of the Soul, along with recommended reading and activities for student and teacher. Though many of these readings were taken from contemporary school readers now long out of print, these have been painstakingly collected and will be reprinted in a new anthology to accompany the series: The Magnificat Readers.

Please note: The lessons for the Sacraments of First Confession and First Communion were designed to be used with either the First Grade Curriculum OR the Third Grade Curriculum; however, the teacher’s lesson material for this is contained in the First Grade Manual.

This reprinted edition is an exact reproduction of the original manual, with the addition of material from the original 1931 curriculum overview volume, entitled A Curriculum in Religion, as well as a newly compiled appendix, listing all of the recommended supplementary texts.

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