Perennial Wisdom for Daily Life Volume III



Here we have the third collection of philosophical articles on a wide variety of topics, spanning a period of six years and written by our own professor of philosophy, Dr. D. Q. McInerny, Ph.D. Dr. McInerny, who teaches our seminarians at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, has been writing articles for the F.S.S.P. monthly newsletters for almost twenty years. His writings capsulize the timeless wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas and applies it logically and practically, demonstrating how the truth really does set us free!

Some of the topics covered include: Technology, “You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have”, Good Manners, The Family, On Being Graceful, Spiritual But Not Religious, The Roe v. Wad Decision, On the Soul, Creatures of Habit, Why Latin?, Defending the Truth, Eyes That See Not, Know Thyself, and so much more!

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