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This completes Professor McInerny’s six-volume series on Scholastic philosophy, written expressly for use in teaching philosophy to the FSSP seminarians at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

The book provides a reasonably thorough, as well as reliable, account of the main tenents of epistemology-the theory of knowledge-as understood and interpreted within the Scholastic philosophical tradition, i.e., focused attention is given to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. At the same time it devotes a considerable amount of attention to other schools of thought, principally for the purpose of pointing out the various ways in which they fall short of offering theories of human knowledge which are fully satisfactory.

Epistemology has traditionally been considered to be part of metaphysics and, ideally, should be studied only after one has already done a fair amount of work in the field. Some background in the philosophy of nature and philosophical psychology–the latter especially–would also be beneficial.

Softcover, 440 pp.

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