Confession: A Little Book for the Reluctant



We are all at least a little bit reluctant about going to Confession, principally because none of us really wants to face the fact that he or she is not perfect. But a host of other reasons can also arise to suggest themselves to various people as to why they should not go to Confession.

In this famous little booklet, Msgr. de Segur, an eminently popular French Catholic writer of the 19th century, has assembled over 30 such common objections and has answered them all—with kindness, with wit and with wisdom—so that there remains to the mind of the reader no reason at all why he should neglect going to Confession, and moreover, why he should not go to Confession often.

This is a booklet that every Catholic owes it to himself to read. It is also one which can be given with great benefit to all those who can aptly be described as “the reluctant,” whether they are simply lax in their duty to confess, or actually fallen away from the Faith. For no one will come away from reading Msgr. de Segur without a keen awareness of the value and importance of this Sacrament and the need we all have to use it often. Confession: A Little Book for the Reluctant is a book to answer questions, to ally fears, and to give courage in approaching Confession, that Sacrament which imparts a divine peace to the soul and will unlock for many the gates of Heaven.

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