A Child’s Book of Warriors



Young people–boys and girls alike–will delight in these stories of warriors who in all ages have defended the right and fought for high ideals.

William Canton was a journalist, poet and an author of children’s books such as The Invisible Playmate (1894), W.V., Her Book (1896/97), and W.V.’s Golden Legend (1898), which was published in the United States under the title A Child’s Book of Saints. His writing showed his great love for all things ancient as well as his flair for storytelling.

Though A Child’s Book of Warriors was published 14 years after A Child’s Book of Saints, it has similar stories and a similar style, so that the two are like companion volumes. The notable characteristic of both is Canton’s unique penchant for British history and the appeal of his lyricism as he recounts the tales of saints and other heroes less well known to us today. The noble qualities of each character shine forth as each legend comes to life in these pages.

“There is pleasure in store for the grown-ups as well as the children who get hold of A Child’s Book of Warriors.” -The Springfield Republican, June 1913

This book has been painstakingly retypeset in exact imitation of the turn-of-century style of the 1912 original, and includes all the original illustrations including the original cover.

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