In Defence of the Roman Mass



It is 1967, a mere two years after the close of Vatican II. The atmosphere in the Church is already one of anarchy. Liturgical “experimentation” is rife. Confusion reigns.

In the midst of this chaos, the bi-monthly periodical, Courrier de Rome is born. One of its first writers is Father Raymond Marius Dulac, a priest and canon lawyer who has recently retired from the Paris Diocesan Tribunal. Armed with his exceptional talent as a theologian and a writer, Father Dulac devotes himself heart and soul to coming to the aid of the beauty, dignity and sanctity of worship in the face of the liturgical and doctrinal upheaval which is shaking the Church.

While Father Dulac confronts the liturgical revolution with all the erudition he can muster, it does not take the reader long to realize that behind this erudition there lies the heart of a priest, a priest who loves Christ’s Church, Her Laws, Her Sacraments and, above all, Her Mass. It is the heart of a true shepherd who loves the sheep and who cannot bear to see them deprived of the sustenance won for them by the Good Shepherd and applied to their souls in the Church’s unadulterated Traditional Liturgy.

“These pages of Abbé Dulac are of extraordinary relevance today. They demonstrate how the roots of the evils which are afflicting the Church reach back at least to the 1960’s, the years of the Council and the post-Council. […] The ‘hermeneutic of continuity’ in style today does not have the clarity and intellectual vigor of the arguments made by defenders of Tradition like Abbé Dulac”  — Professor Roberto de Mattei

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