How to Pray Always


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Our Lord taught us to “pray without ceasing”. How far is it possible to put this ideal into practice, and how much is really attainable, through those times when we are caught up in our own troubles and exhaustion? Fr. Raoul Plus’s no-nonsense prayer manual dispels the false notions of prayer that we all have and shows how we can, in fact, “pray without ceasing”.

Drawing on the experience of dozens of saints, Fr. Plus explains sure ways we can recollect ourselves before prayer so that once we begin to pray, our prayers will be richer and more productive. We learn how to practice interior silence habitually, even in the rush and noise of the world.

How to Pray Always is one of those rare books that actually fulfills the promise of its title. It helps us become better Christians by showing us how to know, to love, and to serve God, and to live prayerfully and constantly in His loving presence.

Leatherette, 144 pp.

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