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History of St. Clement Parish in Ottawa 1968 – 2018

Faithful in All Generations chronicles the exciting story of the?universal Church?s first traditional Latin Mass parish to be established after the liturgical reforms of the 1960s (and the first parish given to the FSSP in its history). The book details the birth and development of Saint Clement Parish in Ottawa, Canada?s capital city, from its uncertain beginnings in the late sixties, up until recent events of 2018. In addition to being generously illustrated by photos, the history is supplemented by notes to accompany the texts and copies of important documents relating to critical periods in the parish?s establishment, including one long feared lost. Anyone who is interested in the preservation of the traditional Roman Rite is sure to enjoy this book!

The work of volunteer contributors, many of whom are parishioners of Saint Clement, the history has received the endorsement of high-profile Roman Catholic leaders: Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, and Leo Darroch.?

Faithful in All Generations is an inspiring account of devotion to the Church?s traditional forms of divine worship during a half-century of liturgical upheaval. Written with a fine historical sense, it is an important contribution to the growing body of literature regarding the providential continuation of the traditional Latin liturgy, the Usus Antiquior. The story of Saint Clement Parish is? truly an inspiration for all. It is an eloquent reminder as well to always seek the best in divine worship, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. – Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke


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