Cornelius a Lapide’s Commentary on St. Matthew Part One



The Holy Gospel according to Matthew.

Cornelius a Lapide, S.J. created a Scripture Commentary so complete and scholarly that it was practically the universal commentary in use by Catholics (often available only in 30 some Latin volumes) for over 400 years. Fr. Lapide’s most excellent commentaries have been widely known for successfully combining piety and practicality. Written during the time of the Counter Reformation, it includes plenty of apologetics. His vast knowledge is only equaled by his piety, giving power and freshness in his scholarly writings. Fr. Cornelius a Lapide was also widely known for his zealous holiness and is responsible for receiving St. John Ogilvie into the Church and administering Extreme Unction to St. John Berchmans.

An essential library selection of priests for sermon-writing, catechism classes, and convert instruction, The Great Commentaries are well within the grasp of laypeople desiring to study the traditional Catholic interpretation of the Gospels.

We are very happy to present you with this exemplary translation and design — a beautiful edition of this priceless commentary so long hidden from the eyes of most Catholics. Lapide’s Commentaries have never fully been translated before and includes extensive discussion of Greek and Hebrew word meanings, and extensive material for substantive and picturesque meditations for laypeople, especially Third Order members and resolute retreatants. Here is your opportunity to own this masterpiece!

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