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People fall into four categories when speaking of missing their mark in this life. Thoughtlessness and stupidity drag the first group down. The second group of people are lost because of their own carelessness regarding other people. Then you have the group who go purposely go astray, ambivalent to the consequences. The fourth type of person is lost because of a glaring blindness to their own sinfulness and need. Each one of these categories is addressed by Our Lord in His parables of the lost sheep, the lost coins, the prodigal son and the elder son. Through his extraordinary insight and inimitable style, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen provides us with abundant guidance and profound wisdom to assist us in our everyday lives.Walk With God contains 95 brief meditations, including such topics as “Singleness of Purpose”, “Holiness”, “A Teenager Talks on Responsibility”, “Sadness and Doubt”, “Why am I Tempted?”, “The Case for Chastity”, “Loneliness”, “Judging Others”, and “The Blessedness of the Starving Soul”, to name a few.

REVIEW…..There is a certain timelessness about the writings and sermons of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, who died in 1979, that makes them timely to any age. The saintly, articulate cleric had the gift to penetrate to the depths of every subject he talked about….Sheen was able to illustrate abstract ideas with concrete examples and stories so that the reader or listener could easily grasp the point he was making…..”Walk with God” was written in the 1960s and….The subtitle says that it is “Wisdom and Guidance to Help Us in Our Daily Lives.”…and the essays are grouped under four titles, plus a final section which describes the true road to happiness…. These short, thought-provoking essays are vintage Sheen. In my experience, no one else wrote or preached the way he did. He was a supreme master of the spoken and written word. There is more than one reason for that: (1) he was highly intelligent; (2) he was well educated in America and Europe; and most important, (3) he was a holy, prayerful man. As he himself testified in his autobiography, for fifty years he made a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament every day — and he never missed a day! Fulton J. Sheen lived with the Bible. He studied God’s word and meditated on it every day — it was his food and drink, it was the air he breathed. So it was from the abundance of his mind and heart, totally penetrated by the truth and love of God, that he spoke and wrote. These short essays bear testimony to Sheen’s love for God and man, and are filled with both divine and human wisdom. …these gems make for excellent reading before retiring at night. —Kenneth Baker, S.J. in Homiletic and Pastoral Review, January 2010.

Softcover, 145 pp.

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