Tradition and Sanity


Tired of the withered fruits of a devastated vineyard, an increasing number of postconciliar exiles are making their way, in a pilgrimage of irrepressible curiosity and improbable delight, to the haven of Catholic Tradition, laboring to recover it piece by piece, word by word, rite by rite, chant by chant, devotion by devotion.

Tradition and Sanity brings together a round-table discussion, interviews, and imaginary dialogues exploring the depths and shallows of Catholic liturgy, the lyricism of sacred music (or the lack thereof), the state of the Church as it suffers attack from without and dementia from within, and the revival of traditional beliefs and practices in younger generations turned off by the anti-dogmatic dogmatism of their elders.

“This work is a sign of hope.”

“This collection comes at a most opportune moment in the life of the Church.”

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