The Story of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary


By William of Canton


Those who delight in Canton’s other well-loved children’s books, A Child’s Book of Saints and A Child’s Book of Warriors, will find much to satisfy in his Story of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Canton has consulted some of the earliest sources to assemble a tale as rich in historical detail as it is in poetic beauty.
Saint Elizabeth’s sweetness and generosity are brought to life in these pages, now beautifully retypeset and enhanced with a map showing the locations as they were in 13th century Europe, as well as the breathtaking full-color illustrations of Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale, found in the original 1912 edition.

“An even finer work than either The Child’s Book of Saints or Book of Warriors is Canton’s Life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, an appealing book that touches the heart with the beauty of holiness. Here we have William Canton the historian, as well as William Canton the poet. It is a book for every boy and girl, and grown-up too, to read.” – The Poetry Review, Volume 19, 1928

“To the general public Canton is best known by his children’s books: The Bible Story, The Child’s book of Saints and The Child’s book of Warriors… The language in these children’s books, it may be noticed, is not at all childish, because Canton understood and respected the intelligence of Children too much ever to talk ‘down’ to them.” – The Poetry Review, Volume 19, 1928

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