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The New Sanctuary Manual can be classified as one of the most complete and practical books to be used at the altar as well as in the sacristy and rectory. Comparison with the older editions of sanctuary manuals immediately show its superiority. The frequently used prayers after Low Mass as well as those sung in the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and the Divine Praises are conveniently found on the inner pages of the front and back covers. Whenever the vernacular may be substituted in the ritual for the Latin, a good English translation is given in the parallel column. In addition, the type used in this attractive book is very legible.

Compiled by Rev. Maurice B. Kennedy in accordance with the 1961 edition of the Rituale Romanum, this book satisfies just about all the parochial needs of every parish, large or small. Priests will be happy to have at hand the ministration of Confirmation to those seriously ill, with the complete canonical legislation on the subject; the dedication of the bride to the Blessed Virgin, which is rarely found in rituals; silver and golden anniversary blessings with special exhortations; touching graveside prayers; appropriate blessings of children; and the Psalms used in stripping altars in Holy Week, to highlight a few of the prayers.

Two-color (red and black) pages throughout for easier reading and guidance. Skyvertex red sturdy hardcover, embossed with gold gilded pages, 336 pp.

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