The History of Heresies & their Refutation 2 Volume set



Now back in print for the first time in 165 years! This book never hit a printing press in the US… until now!

What translator Father John J. Mullock (OFM) said of this two volume set in 1847: “One of his greatest works. The Holy Author was induced to write this Work, to meet the number of infidel publications, with which Europe was deluged in the later half of the last (18th) century. Men’s minds were then totally unsettled; dazzled by a glare of a false philosophy, they turned away from the light of the Gospel.”

This is a work which separates truth from confusion and error.

It has already been said that this edition of The History of Heresies is a better edition than that of 165 years ago. We know the reader of this work will find it a most rewarding experience.

Limited Edition Two Volume Set (an exact reproduction of the one done in 1847 A.D.)

Hardcover, 831 pp.

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