The Evolution of Catholic Unbelief



Social research proves that Catholics are peeled away from their faith in God by ?faux? science taught in school that undermines the Bible?s explanation of our supernatural origins. That ?faux? science is a combination of enigma-riddled 20th Century ?big bang? cosmology and 19th Century Darwinism that professional biologics have abandoned. Many Catholic scholars and priests, unwilling to appear ?anti-science,? have embraced those two dogmas of secular Humanism and attempted to ?baptize? them by saying that ?God did it.? The kids aren?t ?buying? that. This book ?outs? long-dead ideas that, like ?scientific zombies,? continue to shuffle through the textbooks and classrooms. Proposed is a renewed apologetics based on reviving the ?forgotten? creation doctrines and using the apologetic methods and resources develop by Evangelical scientists based on 21st Century science.

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