School of Darkness


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Bella Dodd’s story is a human document of immense importance to Americans today. Here are the inner workings of the Communist Party in this country as seen from the secret counsels and strategy meetings of the National Committee, to which she belonged for a crucial span of years.

The theory planned by the Party during the 1940’s, and contrived by Stalin, was to encourage “self-determination of the Negroes in the black belt” and the establishment of a “Negro nation” with the right to secede from the United States.

Bella Dodd’s is a story familiar to many a young American idealist who saw in Communism a new gospel and who worked sacrificially in the cause until the inevitable bitter day when the cause betrayed him. That day came almost too late for her own salvation, for Dodd tells us, “it takes a long time to “unbecome” a Communist.”

School of Darkness” takes you on a Dodd’s journey into the world of an active Communist social activist who rose in the Party’s ranks. Learn about her return to her Catholic roots, as Dodd finds the reaffirmation of her Faith and is finally able to say, “I have learned from bitter experience that you cannot serve man unless you first serve God in sincerity and truth.”

Hardcover, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/4″, 264 pp.

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