People of the New Testament, Book 5



The Primary Holy Women, Major Female Disciples and Relations of Jesus, Minor Disciples & Others

Anne Catherine Emmerich


Book V is specifically devoted to the many women disciples and supporters of Jesus, many also unknown to history. An initial overview sets the stage regarding the primary holy women, who are presented in detail in the second part. Among these are: Mary Heli (elder sister of the Virgin Mary), Mary Cleophas (mother, or stepmother, of five of the apostles), Mary Salome (mother of John and James the Greater), Martha and her sister Mary Magdalene, Maroni (the widow of Nain), Veronica, Susanna and Salome, Mary Mark, Dinah (the Samaritan woman), and Mara the Suphanite. There follows a study of the holy women present at Christ’s death and resurrection.

The third, fourth, and fifth parts present other major and minor women disciples of Jesus, as well as his female relations. Perhaps most fascinating of all is Silent Mary, a historically unknown sister of Lazarus, Martha, and Magdalene, with whom Jesus communes immediately before his baptism.

Five volumes on People of the New Testament, covering virtually every individual in the visions (approximately 250 in all):

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