Passio Christi: Meditations for Lent


Meditatio– a word that frightens many! And the alarm is not diminished by the explanation that meditation is an exercise of the three powers– memory, understanding and will. Such set exercise is termed unnatural and wooden. Yet it is quite a natural proceeding. Thus the memory asks: What do I know about this subject, e.g. the Transfiguration? Let me recall all I know. Then the understanding comes in: What does it all mean? Then the will exercises itself in aspirations, affections, and acts of the several virtues. Particularly, there may be recommended acts of faith, adoration, and thanksgiving, a singularly profitable exercise in these days of diffidence and doubt. The will, likewise, forms practical resolutions, not always, and never too many. The whole ends with petition, asking for what I want, or rather, the whole should be saturated throughout with petitions. Such is the method of St. Ignatius. It is exemplified in St. Augustine’s Confessions, and it is on this method that these Meditations are drawn up.

The author, Mother St. Paul, former director of retreats at the Retreat House in Birmingham, UK, cuts to the heart of our life with Jesus Christ by taking us through His Passion. These meditations will become an indispensible guide for your Lenten journey and they will provide the opportunity for a deep yet peaceful participation in the mysteries of Lent.

Softcover, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, 204 pp.

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