Mother Love



Originally written in the late 1800s by a Capuchin priest, this “manual for Christian mothers” was published by Frederick Pustet Co. in 1926.

The life of a mother is not an easy one. With all the duties involved in this wonderful vocation, from helping her husband to caring for her children, the life of a mother can oft times lose its focus. The distractions of daily life and the increasing hostility from the modern world sometimes creates an overwhelming feeling for today’s mothers. Help is on the way with this beautiful prayer book, which will help mothers to sanctify themselves and through their efforts, sanctify their homes and families.

Mother Love is a complete prayer and devotional book just for mothers! It includes morning and evening prayers, devotions for the rosary, points of Christian doctrines mothers should teach their children, the “ten commandments” of Christian education, prayers at Mass, devotions for confession and Holy Communion, devotions for the poor souls, the Way of the Cross, prayers for the various special necessities of a Christian mother, prayers to some of the special patrons of Christian mothers, indulgenced prayers, a short book of instructions for Christian mothers on the Christian training of children and more.

A complete prayer and devotional book, this “manual for Christian mothers” contains almost everything a mother needs to nurture and grow her spiritual life so that she may truly be the heart of her Catholic home. This book is the perfect gift for the mother or grandmother in your life!

This is a reproduction of the 1926 edition. It is not a replica.

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