Japanese Martyr Rosary – Black


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These beautiful rosaries are made with high-quality natural, black sandalwood beads that are waxed (not dyed). The “pater noster” beads are carved flowers out of giant clam shells (traditionally a symbol of pilgrimage). The bronze pieces have been recast from antique Japanese medal from 1862 and are extremely rare!

The Martyrs medal was minted for the canonization of the then known 22 martyrs of Nagasaki, by Pope Pius IX. We now know that there were 26 total. They died with an extraordinary witness to the faith, singing psalms, and giving a short sermon to the many onlookers, asking forgiveness for their executioners.

These rosaries are made by Adam Van Scooter, with the hope to increase devotion to the holy martyrs of Japan, and to pray for all those still persecuted! 


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