Inner Life & Worlds of Soul & Spirit


The first part of Inner Life and Worlds of Soul & Spirit casts light on the nature of visionary experience, prayer, the rosary, the amen, and ways of healing.

Part two presents both well-known parables and fascinating new teachings, including an allegory of marriage and of stars at birth.

Part three is occupied with heaven and hell, work for poor souls in purgatory, the habitations of the heavenly Jerusalem, John’s Book of Revelations, the Octangular Church, and the Churches Triumphant and Militant.

Part four focuses on such places as the spring at Matarea, the pool of Bethesda, the holy sepulcher, the praetorium, and the way of the cross in Ephesus.

Part five considers Egyptian star wisdom, the star of the Magi, Jacob’s ladder, the writing of the New Testament, the chalice of the Last Supper, the twelve new apostles, dragons, and Satan.

The final section presents themes related to Jesus, including His two genealogical trees, baptism, voice, shoulder wound, the cloth used to lower Him from the cross, Veronica’s scarf, His mantle, and apparitions upon His death.


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