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Forty Hours….One Guide.
In these meditations before the Blessed Sacrament, Mother Mary Loyola’s distinctive style skillfully guides the reader toward prayerfulness without supplying any preformulated prayers.

Softcover, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, 116 pp.

From Catholic World, May 1901: “There is nothing exaggerated, artificial, or impossible in the pages before us; they contain merely a collection of musings and devotional monologues written with a directness and spontaneity that will appeal strongly to many who can get little profit out of less natural and more fervent writing. Here and there every reader will meet a paragraph which gives clear and fine expression to a favorite or impressive thought, and which helps to pray.”

From The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, January 1902:”…Mother M. Loyola is as much at home when depicting the trials, the aspirations, and the consolations of adults as in leading little children along the road of true penance. Each visit seizes, generally with thrilling vivacity, one idea; the subject is weighed in the presence of our Lord, the conclusions are always practical.”

From The Month, April 1901: “Mother Mary Loyola needs no introduction to attract us to a new book from her pen, but it is a distinct addition to it to have Father Thurston’s historical outline of the growth of the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. As the name indicates, this little book is intended for those visiting the Blessed Sacrament. The aids are mostly not prayers, but thoughts calculated to set the stream of prayerful affections flowing, and the authoress knows how to select the kind of thoughts which will appeal to our modern and theorizing hearts.”

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