Cheerful Chats for Catholic Children


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This is a unique book of Catholic devotions for young children. There is nothing routine and formal about these stories, but they are interesting, full of warmth and true to life gems! These anecdotes will help children know about God, as each one unfolds a truth about the saints, the Church, the virtues, and more.

Each faith-filled short story is followed by a few questions and an appropriate prayer. This effective format helps to ensure the lesson of the story sinks into the minds of your young children. The stories are only a page long, so tired mothers who still want that “tucking in” time to be special, will find that their precious ones’ “goodnights” are truly blessed and enriched. There is a small poem and picture at the end of each story. Your little ones will be peering over to see the sweet pictures!

How delighted we are to be offering this new found book to our families! We hope these short stories and special conversations which are sure to follow will sow seeds of our Holy Catholic Faith in all our families!

Softcover, 6″ x 9″, 181 pp.

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