Achieving Peace of Heart


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Celebrated Jesuit, Fr. Narciso, provides a detailed plan for every kind of challenge to internal peace. His plan will help you attain spiritual and emotional calm amid the suffering, anxiety and trials of daily life.

Fr. Irala, whose book appeared in several languages 50 years ago and was a staple for Catholic pastors, provides hundreds of specific guidelines for countless commonplace personal issues encountered: Examples: •Four causes of persistent distraction •Moving from imperfect mastery of flaws to real control •Ascertaining your maximum concentration period (essential for planning to conquer other internal troubles, if any) •How to banish little obsessions •Aids to insomnia (if caused by anxiety) •How to identify, then diminish the intensity of a foolish idea or emotion •How to keep from any possible episodes of letting the mind wander fruitlessly •Truly “resting while asleep” •The best use of memory •Common mistakes of those seeking fuller internal control •“Eliminating the annoyance of noise” •False “feelings of fatigue” •“Mental wandering” and its role in harming prayer life •On the other hand, why it takes “practice” to pray well •Why genuine and useful self-criticism can be brief •Practical exercises of the mind that strengthen the ability to focus •Combating scruples: a detailed plan •Measuring “the intensity” of your ideas •Practicing “singleness of thought” •Why and how to combat pessimism •The importance of “fostering joy” •The art of effective prayer (and the satisfying benefits) •The long arm of the inferiority complex and how to vanquish it •All about social discomfort and its cure •Eight positive, practical rules of life

Hardbound, approximately 5 ½” x 8” x 7/8”, 253 pp.

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