A Touch of Grace–The Joyful Mysteries



This is the first in our collection of three books depicting the Rosary mysteries of our Blessed Savior and his most precious Mother. The joyful mysteries detailed in this volume are from the time of the Expectation of the Messiah and His birth to His appearance in the temple at the age of twelve. Includes 93 exquisite and awe inspiring pictures taken from out of print books. The printed narrative describes all the major prophecies from the Old Testament and their corresponding fulfillment in the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament to show how perfectly fulfilled were all the promises of God. Perfect as an inspiring meditation aid when reciting the Rosary or just to lift your heart to God for a touch of grace. Great gift book for Christmas because of the festive cover art; perfect for any time of the year. These pictures can’t help but deepen your knowledge and love of Our Lady, Her Divine Son and St. Joseph. Published with Bishop’s approbation.

Softcover, 104 pp.

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