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Despite its object ?to inculcate the doctrines of Romanism? and its hearty recommendation by Cardinal Wiseman, even the London Art Journal in May 1863–amidst sidehand comments that its texts ?differ from those in our authorized Bible?–saw fit to recommend this Pictorial Catechism for its ?One hundred and twelve wood engravings, well executed, after the original designs of a distinguished artist of the Dusseldorf school.?

No such faint praise was to be heard from the Catholic world, however, as this was the first book of its kind to combine both solid catechism and the finest artwork with an affordable price. The Apostle?s Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Commandments of the Church, Sin, Virtue, the Sacraments and Prayer are all brought to life with illustrations and quotes from Scripture pertaining to the precepts being taught.

These engravings have been lovingly restored and the original layout of the book has been greatly improved, grouping the subjects into clearly demarcated sections. The table of contents displays the tenets to be learned, while an index helps the reader find images in chronological order as they are found in the Bible.

Best of all, the engravings make perfect coloring pages for children. What a unique and enriching gift!

Hardcover, 7 1/2″ x 9 1/4″, 260 pp.

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