Registration and Password Changes

Registering on the site allows you to save your profile information (ex. name and address). This information is used to streamline your shopping experience and offers the bookstore an opportunity to provide you with benefts such as announcements and promotions.  Some important information to know when you register: 1) to register, you are only required to enter a username and email, 2) the user name you select will be permanent and cannot be changed, 3) populating the first and last name, while not initially required, will assist the bookstore an additional means to search your account, and 4) the display name is how your name will be displayed publicly (ex. public wish lists). This is initially defaulted to your user name. We recommend you change this upon registering.  Upon registering, a password will be auto generated and sent to your email inbox.

Passwords – First and foremost, the bookstore staff cannot view your password. If required, they are only able to generate a new one which subsequently gets sent to you via email. If you would like to change your password, you can do so by accessing the “Accounts Details” page. This is accessible by selecting “Accounts” (main menu) -> then “My Accounts” – > and then “Accounts Detail”.

Important Note: To change your password, you will be required to 1) enter a First & Last name if it is not already populated, 2) enter you “Current Password” and then 3) enter and confirm your “New Password”. If the current password field is valued (ex. *************), please delete the contents of the field and re-enter your “Current Password”. If you only wish to change your First and Last name, then leave all three (3) password fields blank. Be sure to hit the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.

Shipping Information:

Orders are normally processed within two business days, but sometimes are delayed due to holy days. All item are sent via USPS.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Please read the descriptions carefully or call us if you have a question about an item before ordering. Refunds given for defective merchandise only. Contact us immediately if there is a problem with your order.

Adding a Gift Registry:

Within the store, a gift registry is simply a wish list made “Public”. There are two methods available to create a gift registry:

Method #1): Select the “Create a List” sub-menu item under the main menu heading labeled “Gift Registry” -> Give the list a unique name ->Select “Public” under the Privacy Settings -> Enter the name and email you would like the list to be associated with (can be yourself or someone other than you) – > Select the “Create List” button.

Method #2): From within the catalog, simple click the image of the item you wish to select. This action takes you to the item’s description page. -> Select the “Add to List” button -> Choose if you want to add the item to an existing list or to a new list -> Follow Method #1 to “Create a list”.

View a Gift Registry:

Select the “Find a List” sub-menu item under the main menu heading labeled “Gift Registry” -> Enter your search parameters and Select the “Search” button.  Lists can be searched by partial list name, partial first name, partial last name or by email address.

Note #1: The search feature will not find the names of items within the list.

Purchase an item within a Gift Registry:

You can add an item to your cart for purchase directly from the respective gift registry list. Items added to your cart can only be shipped to a single address. If you wish to ship items to multiple addresses, you will have to process the multiple orders accordingly. Items will automatically be removed from the list when the transaction is completed.